6. 6-7-97
the BEN GARBER mailing list
well, i have some good news. Firstly, i've been out of school since thursday!!!m (yay). 2ndly, my new email adress is up. i want all of you to send me mail here, as i would like to test it out. 3rdly, i broke my record in tetris. I died with a score of 79255, on level 14 with 145 lines. Naturaly, it was the game boy version.

Now time for letters.

Mike M. of the ocean writes:

Dear Ben,
¿who is your LEAST favorite new kid on the block?
Mike M.

Dear Mike M.
The touring keyboardist. ok, good bye.

On thursday night, me and mike went to see Ringo Starr and his 4th all star band. It featured the pianist from Procal Harum, the drummer from Bad Company, the Bassest from cream, and Peter Frampton. It was really good. Ringo sang the classics: it don't come easy, little help from my friends, boys, act naturaly, photograph.... Frampton sang Do You Feel Like WE Do, Baby I love Your Way, Show Me The Way and a cover of Norwegian Wood. Cream Bassest Jack Bruce sang Sunshine of my love and In The White Room, and then they did a bunch of Bad Company songs and a few Procal Harum. Frampton stole the show, frampton trying to take the place of clapton on all the cream songs i think did much better job than clapton ever did. Do You Feel Like We Do lasted 20 minutes with frampton just going nuts, and you know the signature guitar parts from Baby I Love Your Way and show Me The Way, with the talking guitar. He is now not only my official favorite guitarist, but i think he's my favorite live preformer now too (as a solo artist, p-funk still puts on the ebst show). I comand everyone to see Peter Frampton live if you ever get the chance.

Gwar, the fucked up hevy metal band played lupo's last night. I spent most of the day with Liam Girrard and Jeremy and some kid named Jamie from Moses Brown. Jamie got unbalievable fucked up and was just nuts the whole night, we couldn't let him out of our site or he would get lost, which he did quite a bit. Christan, Tyler, SHannon, Lanna and Ileene (i forget her exact name :-<) all showed up, so we waited for gwar to come on, which the didn't till 11.30. and it sucked. all the did was sing bad soings and spray fake giz all over the audience. at least i hope it was fake..... Their last tour made them quite poular, though i had to miss it, so i s them last night, very excited,a nd it absolutely sucked.

i have many more concerts to go to these next few weeks, so i'm excited. On thursday, i'm seeing morphine, friday i'm seeing the toasters, saturday its Ozzfest with a reunited Black Sabbeth, then thursday is who is ever playing Water Place Park, friday is Max Creek and then soon after is No Doubt/Weezer, and more soon after.

Nate, come over soon, we are gonna do some recording, gimmie a call.

Anyws, i am about to go grocery shopping, YAY!!! so see ya later. I would like to congradulate list member Erin S. for today she is graduating High School.

Good night and thanks for the bred.
Most of the concerts I said that I was planning on going to soon I didn't end up going too. Most of my opinions of the bands I was talking about have changed quite opositely since this list was written.

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