5. 6-3-97
Ok, i was planning on sending another thing till the end of the week. But, to avoind any alarm or confusion, i am letting you know now that i am in the process of changing my eMail adress. HEVANSCENT will still exist, but mailing lists are much easier to manage on a real ISP. I'm all ready on NETCOM, but i dopn't like net com, and for somereason it won't let me send mail to aol.

my new adress will be yahtzee@tiac.net as soon as i finish setting it up, by mid tomarrow. So change your adress books and everything of the sort, that is where you will recieve the list from, that is where you will send all your comments and subscriptions and descriptions to, BUT NOT TILL AFTER TOMARROW!!!! my web pages will be changeing adresses, as i will add more. TIAC allows ten times more space than netcom, so you will be able to here rooster sound clips! i will keep you up to date.

I would like to welcome MORE new members now, and also apolagise to mike marcovich for not mentioning him in the last news letter. On thursday night, me and mike will be going to a Ringo Starr concert in boston. Despite what you may think, ringo puts on one of the best concerts i've seen. I saw him in 95. This year, his band will include Peter Frampton and members of Cream and Bad Company. In 95, he had John Enthwissle (from The Who) on bass. That man is the best bassest ever, a billion times better than flea. But the coolest thing was for the encore, they did 2 songs, and durring the first song (i forget what it was), i noticed a strange haird man playing Ringo's drums, but a cymbol blocked his face. After the first song, he Ringo announced it was Steven Tyler (of aerosmith). I'm seeing aerosmith later this summer too, with lars.

now time for my mail:
Phaea Creede of Coffee Roasters asks:
"Dear Ben,
Are you on crack?"

Dear Phaea

Nate Davis writes:
"dear Ben,
Who is clean and Friendly"

Dear Nate
Clean and friendly is a family band, consisting of an entire family, plus a few more. They are as follows:
Ellen Santaniello: accordian, drums, clarinetto, vocals
Linda Neves: Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Jeremy Winword: Saxaphone, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Marilynn Mair: Mandolin, Violin, Guitar, Vocals
Mark Davis: Guitar, Bass , Vocals
Brinsley Davis: Violin, Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Nate Davis: Guitar, Bass, Drums

nate, this is your band. You should no whoClean And Friendly is. Half the band is your parents and sister, dag nabbit. Would you like to buy your CD? You can get it for $13, just send a message to PorkPie42@aol.com for more information.

Have any questions or comments? follow instructions bellow. Gosh, i'm not in the mood to writre tonight, so i will leave it off here. ONLY 2 EXAMS LEFT AND I'M DONE!!!! ok, good night. THANKS EVERYBODY!!! sorry for this message, i know it ain't a good one.

back to you, ginger

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