3. 5-30-97
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ok, here is the issue. Some people here want to get mailings more frequently, like closer to daily. Some people don't. Whats the general feeling? Remeber, this list is FOR the people, so what ever you want, i will conform to your bondage.

bondage :-)

I would like to welcome all the new members to the list again, there are now 18. spred the word everyone! we want to make this list bigger then yo mama!

I'm done with school!!! now just exams. they are from 8 till 10 every day till thursday. After school, i walk down blackstone blvd, then back to my house, then i will set my drums up in the living room, for it has better accoustics, and bvring up my bass and key bord and some recording stuff, and begin manufacturing the preliminary roosters tracks.

HUNTER IS BACK IN THE ROOSTERS!! he will be keybording. Also, i'd l;ike everybody to say hi to Nate Davis and Eric Remonavich!! they are the only roosters on the list, with tyler still trrying to join. Nate is our backing guitarist, Tyler plays bass, and eric plays metalaphone. (eric, we got you a solo if you want to be on the album)

everyone call the rooster hotline! 401-421-4003. You can also call 401-245-1057 and ask for the free catalog. Just don't mention me, but keep on asking for it ok? Call her Beth. Thats her name, she is an evil girl.

In other news, the record list at the bottom has been updated a bit, so if you visited there all ready, it has changed. Now, how ever, you download a small text file, formatted for either mac or pc, and you can view off line. Remember, EVERYONE buy me records and give me any that you all ready have. I want to be able to have more records than yo mama is old. I will put it up again in HTML, later. I'm not sure how the formatting came out in the windows version, the band should be in bold and the format italics. Let me know if it works.
When it says "After school, I walk down....", i think it was supposed to say "...I WILL walk down...", which would mean i left out the word "will" when I sent out the mailing origionaly.

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