2. 5-28-97
Le Mailing De Ben Garber
Hello, this is the 2nd mailing for this list. It has doubled over the past day, and there are still a few members who can't figure out how to get on, and people who haven't recieved the mailing. Over half the people i sent it to (33) have joined, or are trying to join.

Anyways, i'd like to welcome new members, hello. Lets all get to know each other, everyone pick the person below you on the adress list above, send them an eMail and make a new friend.

I'll start off by answering questions from the CBS Mail bag:

Q: "Dear Ben.
why are your nails blue?
Erin Simon"

A: Because it makes me feel pretty.

send yer questions to me, instructions at the bottom.

This list will usualy serve a purpose, no pointless mailings usualy. If ya don't care bout nothin, thats cool, you can always unsubscribe. I will only be sending out this list about every week or 2, when ever it seems nesisary. I will have preformances throuugh out the summer, so stay on to here about them.

We are trying to get Dan Terry (terry999@aol.com) on this list, so help me get him, ok? thank you.

Well, the album still looks good, but there may be one problem. As the lead singer, i may have trouble cause i have to have my wisdom teeth destroyed.

Wll, good night, thanks for joining us. And, until next time, good night and have a plesant tomarrow.

I'm chevy chase and you're not.
I'm not really Chevy Chase. Dan Terry never joined. What a prick, huh? Erin Simon didn't really write that letter. I think it was just me, but it could have been some one else, i'm not sure. "Why Are Your Nails Blue?" was one of the examples of questions you could ask me if you joined my list that I listed in the origional email I sent to people asking them to join. I didn't get my wisdome teeth destroyed for almost another year.

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