1. 5-26-97
Hi all. i'm glad you have all joinned my list, there are of corse many more on the way, as most people have not recieved the add yet. But in the mean time, i would like to join each and every one of you.

The federal roosters are back together! we will be recording an album in june, and it will hopefully be pressed into vinal, and we are going to hopefully get gigs at The Living Room and AS220. I will let you all know of when they are. We might even have a good connection with Aerosmith's club, MaMa Kin, in boston. so i hope you can all come see us there, thatll be a good show.
Also look for the China Republics in your town. The china republics are a Federal Roosters tribute band. We should be touring by next summer i hope, and hit clubs in Chicago, Pa, Ca, Canada and NYC, and of corse several others. We will try to make appearences through the year too.

Thanks for joing the list. I'm Chevy Chase and your not.

gghdihh hsh ge eh hshh g sgeee dhhe dhsjdd sgehey tdjshdgf shsgegeg djgdggdgdgd ghsdghjbdbdghhdyey hello sir, how are you? i'm fine thank you. and your self? nothings really wrong, exceptr for the stab wound in my testicle. YUCK!! that must hurt. You bet it hurts, i can barely walk. then howd you get here? i ran. Oh. Ya, it doesn't hurt as much when i run. Just walking hu8rts. That seems odd, i'd thingk it'd work just the oppisite way. You never know with these things, always something different. You know it! don't I though? yeah, sure do. SO hows your wife? shes ok. Hows yours. SHes kind of sick, been throwing up a lot. Oh, sorry to here it. Don't be sorry, i'm the one who put poison in her chicken. Oh well. there might be a little check box that says
This is the very first lists. That federal roosters back to gether shindig never really happoned. No album was made, no concerts were played.

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