Make Up Your Own Damn Words
In the late fall of 1998, I was attending Berklee Collage of Music as a first simester student. One class I was takjing was called "Writing Skills" which more spacificly music writing skills. It was a preraquisit to Arranging 1, so some small arranging projects were assigned. One of the last ones the teacher assigned was a swing project, in which we had to go to the school's midi lab & write a swing tune. The tune had follow a spacific form and contain drums, bass and piano. I decided rockabilly had a swing to it so i ended up writing a rockabilly tune. I got an F.

Despite what the teacher said, I really liked it and wanted to put it on my album. However, I didn't know what kind of words to put on it. I decided I would allow the lissener to make their own words up. This would make it more fun for the lissener and less work for me.

My friend Steve Patison sat with me as I worked it out on the computer. That might even be him who put in the hi-hat part. I really like how the melody doesn't change with the key but it works anyway.

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