The Water Song
Guest Bassist: Marc Omelsky

The water song I wrote at age 15 while on a canoe trip. Singing songs was something we did a lot while canoeing,i was at sumer camp in a group of i think 15. Some one, I believe it was my counceler Erin Frasure, said "nothing to do with water," though she used it in a sentance while talking to some one else. I do not remember the context, but the second I heard the phrase I started singing. The rest of the song was improvised, the only lyrics that stayed the same every time I sang it were Water, Orange Juice and Coffee. I sang it many a time thorugh out the remainder of the month I was at camp. We even got a chance to record the song that summer, unfortuantely i do not have this recording. That fall, as my band fEDERAL rOOsTerS were rippin up the charts, we were planning to make this our next song. We never did really do this song though. We practiced it once, which went well, but we were missing key roosters that day and we never really got another chance to practice, hence the demise of the roosters. Another reason we never got really faris cause I have always been very doubtful about this song, and didn't vthink any one would like it, though I hadn't presented it to anyone who didn't. In fact, this song turned out to be the second most popular song on Sonnets Set To Music, second only to the Pancake Song.

Before recording this song, I had been lissening to the song "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin, which features a female singer going "ahhh" kind of noise in the back round. I liked that idea so I decided I would do the same. How ever, unable to find someone with the right voice at the time of recording, i sang the part my self.

When recording this lyrics, i recorded all the whispers first, making up words as I went a long. Thedrums on that song were done on two different tracks: One track was me slapping the inside of my bass drum with my hands for the for the accent and hi-hat parts. The other track was for the bass drum, for which i just hit my hand to the microphone. My friend Marc Omelsky played the bass line, which i could sing, but couldn't play. I still have never bothered to figure it out, dudes!

I think this song ended up being very similer to the song "I Said A-Boom-Chick-A-Boom," another improvised game song that we used to sing at camp. It was not my intention for the songs to sound similer. The song has always been sung in the same tune since the day the moment it came out of my mouth.

Orange Juice
Vanilla Ice Cream
Waffle Toppings
Icky Picky Poo
Mother Fuckins
Hot Mama
Radish Soup
Hairy Bums
Bendy Straws
Hippopotomous Sweat
Take 5