Ellos Y Nosotros
It occored to me one day in the spring on 1997 that all of the songs i've ever written songs were in english. It occored to me in spannish class, of all places, so I started writing a song. This song consisted of most of the spannish words i knew. The tough part, however, was finding the music to go with it. One evening at dinner, it occured to me that this song should be a cha cha cha, and should sound like the standard classic, Patricia. I wanted to have horns in the song but didnt have the access, so I tried to imitate horns with my voice, which is what yoiu hear at the beginning and end. The bass line is king of similer to Urinal, Urinal It was written around the same time as Magic Fingers, and brought the melody you know along with it.

When I sat in 12th grade spanish, and the teacher called on me, I would always read anything in Spanish in a spanish accent. I would usually imitate the radio anouncers from spanish radio comercials. It was great, my teacher even discribed mypronounciation as "Undiscribable." Well, jugar!!!! Anyhoo, um... yeah, so one of the big disappointments to this track was that I didn't capture that great accent ontape when i recorded this, because I was too busy playing the bongos. In hind sight, it makes little sense to me. Why did I record those on the same track??? The lead vocals and the bongs were the last thing i put in. I don't recall what reasoning I had for not recording the lead on one of the horn scetion tracks that wasn't used durring the verse. But for some reason, at the time, i felt it was my only choice.

I was never as fond of this track as some people were, but people generally said this song "is awsome." I still don't believe it.

And We
Them And We Very Good

And All Of You
You And All Of You Are 100

And All Of You
She And All Of You Are Bad

And Your Mother
Me And Your Mother Play Soccer

My Father
And My Sons
My Father And My Cousins Lissen

And Morning
Dog And Morning Don't Dance

And Paco
Hat And Paco Like The Cockroach

And Marraco
Taco And Marraco Play The Marracas