Ice, Ice Baby

I think I wrote this song in early 1998, while looking out the window waiting to be picked up. It might have been a saturday. I think that it was actualy just raining and hadn't even considered snowing. None the less, the idea for the song crossed my mind so I went and wrote it. I only wrote the lyrics bfore the break though. But don't trust me on any of that.

I recorded two versions of this song. The first time I tried to get it to sound like "Don't Worry Baby" by the Beach Boys but failed misreably. The first version also had different lyrics on the part after the break, and durring the break had a toy accordian solo. No one liked it. I rerecorded soon though and ended up with what you hear on the record today. In the backround, you can hear Marc Omelsky playing my bongos. This is just backround noise how ever, and is not considered part of the song.

I once had a teacher who told me that you can't copy right a title, which is why there are a million songs called "I Love You." With this in mind, I decided to call my first album Nuttin But A 'G' Thang. I later changed my mind and decided to call it Sonnets Set To Music. However, I still liked the idea of stealing another title so I decided to call this song Ice, Ice Baby.

I think this song ended up sounding a little bit like Madonna's Material Girl. Obviously, the subject matter is exactly the same. Also, some of the voices I did in the backround near the end kind of remind my of my friend Jon Snow for some reason.

I think this is my only song that mentions school.

when it snows
when it snowsit rains
it always rains
when it snows

when it snows
it rains
so its to school
that i still have to go

whem it snows
it pours
and the snow
just turns to slosh

When it snows
it rains
and i get cold wet
slosh in my socks

When it snows
When it snows
It rains
twice as long

When it snows
and rains
It never is
any fun

(spoken ending: HEy!! it's snowing!!! Yay! Yay! Its snowing and its
not raining!!! It a Blizardo!!! yay!! Oh, fuck!!! Its satuday.....)