The Pancake Song

This song was more or less an album filler gone extremely well. I still needed a couple more songs for Sonnets Set To Music. I couldn't think of much, but I thought maybe I could sing a recapie or something. I thought it was a dumb idea, but had no other ideas at the moment, so i thumbed through my I Love Elvis cook book for a good recapie. I chose the buttermilk pancakes for some reason. I wrote up the lyrics, very unpleased with them, but read them to some people and was sirprised that they liked it as much as they did.

There was also the music part. Firstly, i heard some brazillian song called [i will find this later], which I really liked casue it had this real strong beat that just went ba-bum, ba-bum, but had a sort of shuffle to it. I wanted to write a song with a strong beat as well, something some what similer to this one. Mine basicly goes bum baa dum-ba-dum. I went down with the computer lab and just started playing with the key board. I played a few different parts, then popped in a tape and just brought in and took out the different parts for a few minutes, and thats what your hear on the record. I like how if you lissen, you can hear me window-shading the windows on the computer in some parts. I was also kind of dissapointed by the music as well, it was far messier than I had planned but when I showed it to some people they thought it was some of the best music i had written and that i should do more of my work on the computer. Well, I didn't. take that advise, but I proceeded to record the lyrics onto the music.

I struck it lucky with the timing on this record, the music seemed to come in with the right lyrics, most notably when I say "mix it up" and the music mixes it up a bit, and when i start the ooooooh's, the music kind of drops out, that was pure luck that i had all that happoned like that. I was very very doubtful of this tune, and in fact al most didn't put it on the record, but everyone who i showed it too thought it was one of my best so i did, and it has turned out to be thr most popular song on the entire record.

My favorite part is the end, because I make so many references to Carolina. The "Ooooooh's" are kind of expected to be followed by "tampons" but they aren't, but it some ways i think that was an easy reference to miss. But i really liked when I say "I got a friend named carolina", and you completely expect me to say "she sticks tampons in her vagina", but i don't, and insted I say "she eats pancakes with aunt jemima," which i love because you think its gonna be dirty, but then its not dirty, but its funny because you are thinking about tampons whern i say it, so i make you think about a vagina with out even mentioning it. I think thats pretty cool. When i say "except for pizza and licorice and french fries," that was in reference to a conversation i had the night before, so none of you really get that.

Right before recording the lyrics, I only went over half of it, and by the end of the song, I'm just all "uhhh.... ummmm..." Its because of that I have a real hard time listening to this song, I can't stand it. But at the same time, I really feel its referances to Carolina really tie the whole album togeather and is one of the single strongest forces in making it a nice record, despite all the unlistenable crap.

in order to make pancakes
you'll need a cup of flower
a table spoon of sugar
and a tea spoon of baking powder

half a tea spoon of salt
will do you pretty well
some melted butter, vinilla extract and some syrup
from your local maplry will keep you out of hell

you will also need
a cup of butter milk,
as well asbaking powde
and some regular milk

now take all the powders salts and sugars
and put them in a big huge bowl
stir them till they look good to you
good pancakes are your goal

now put all the liquids
into a measuring cup
and add some some sugar
and then stir it up

now pour whats in the measuring cup
into the powder bowl
stir then to gether to complete the batter
and now is the time to add berries if you'd like too

now the next requires a stick of butter
and you ned to get out a frying pan
now use the butter and grease it up
and your half way to good eatin, my man

now turn on the stove
and put the pan on top
get your spatula ready
then put some batter in the pan

now wait about a minute
or just count to sixty
then flip the pancake over
now count to 30

after 30 seconds
take the pnacake out
top it with butter then syrup
then scream and shout

you can make more than one pancake
even a few at once
and you can also lick the batter
cause its deliciuous

now that youve made pancakes
you should be glad
its the only food
that youll ever need

you can play wiyth the recapie
if you'd like
add different things and change the amounts of things
and you can come up with all sorts of differet
types of pancakes

pancakes are great
for heaven's sake
i'd like eating them
cause they have great taste