The Olagy Song (What's Your Olagy?)

I was almost done with my album and needed just 2 or 3 more songs or so to be done. I started mildly singing this one day while walking into my building. I didn't think much of it but then I decided that it could be one of the last songs, so I set up and started recording it. I recorded the moaning in the back round while just lying on my back and moaning. It was more that was just what I felt like doing, so I did it and recorded it, more than I thought it would sound good. Also the slide guitar bit at the end of each verse was done by changing the pitch while playing the guitar or something. Its not really sliding. Jokes on you.

Theres a friend of mine from high school named Christian Austadillo. For some reason, h decided he really like to use the term "cock'n'balls" to refer to one's cock and balls. I aggreed, it sounded good.. I used it on a couple of other songs, partly as a joke with him.

There was origionaly a longer intro, which included a drum fill and two extra bars of instramental but I cut it for the album. The drums on this album were made up of my bass drum pedal hitting the bottom of my bass amp and i hit the top of the amp with my drum sticks. I also added some thigh slapping later.

if you study nature
youre a ecoligist
if you go through peoples garbage
youre an anthropologist
if you study bilogy
then you're a biolagist
if you study biolagy of the sea,
then you're a marine biolagist

there are all sorts of different kinds of sorts of sciences
sciences of the anus and sciences of the sinuses
you can study any oneof these
then find a job in the apropriate ology

if you read the stars
your an astrolagist
if you do the weather on the news
youre a metiorolagist
if you dig up dinosaurs
you're an achiolagist
if you study food perportions
your a rationoligist

if you work at a zoo
then your a zoo olagist
if you study poo
then your a gastroligist
if youve got a yeast infection
youre a gynacoligist
if you do hearing inspections
then your an audiolagist

all of the olagy professionals
have oligy names and oligy peridodicals
so if you ever wonder whats the name of your job
all you have to do is lissen to the chorus of this song

if you live in the bat cave
you're an optolagist
if youre radio actave
your a radiolagist
the oligists with couches
is a psychyatrist
another kind of olagist
is a padiatrist

the scintsists of rail roads
are called railroad olligists
if you study morse code
then your a codolagist
a studier of language
is called a lingualgist
if youve mastered triginomatry
youre a triganomatrist