A Word From Dick Clark
In the 12th grade, I took a creative writing class in which we had to come up with advirtisements for a list of products which my teacher gave us. Some of these products included a movie, a line of clothing, a homework service.... They all were to be done on the computer. The ones which I did on the computer can be viewed in the Fartwork section of this website. One of the ads, however, had to be a radio ad. I decided my radio ad would be from yet another item on the list: glow-in-the-dark nail pollish. We were suposed to write it out then read it on to a tape. I, however, found it easier just to talk on the tape and then write it out after words. So i went into an empty class room with a tape recorder and just started talking. The clicking you hear is me stopping the tape for one reason or another. The reverb you hear is natural, from the room. I did it all on a high school regular tape recorder and did not do any extra editing, but i did have some fun with the tape recorder that no one saw coming. I liked that part. It was clever in the moment. But over all what you hear is me at 18 just talking like I always did. This was my mind, this is what my mailing list sounded like. I did this in about 5 minutes. Writing it all out took longer. I always hated typing shit up.
This is spoken word so there are no lyrics.