I've Got Everything (But One Thing)

I wrote this song I think in january of 1999. I was on the way back from a a music syhnthesis class, going to get some pizza for lunch, at Supreme Pizza, my favorite, and i just started singing the first few lines, and the yeah-eah-h-heah's to myself, nothing about kids yet. and i liked it. I figured that this song would be about how i'm livin THE life, but i'm unhappy because I am missing just one tiny thing. But what am I missing? Am I missing you? no. Am i missing vegitables? These were the questions I was asking myself, then i realised what I was missing was kids. I especialy liked this idea because everyone knows how much I hated kids, so no one would see it coming. After I got my pizza, I sat down and took out a note book and started wrighting it down.Then some kid i knew decided to sit down and started talking. I forget if i finished it then or not.

This was the second song I recorded for the album, and was recording ona friend's 4-track because my 8-track was at home still. I recorded the vocals first, then the bass and then the drums and still had one track left, which was good cause something was still missing. My friend Leslie then walked by, she was a saxist, so I asked if i could barrow her sax for a little bit. She let me, which was very nice. I had NEVER EVER even TRIED to play saxaphone before, so i had Leslie hold the mic to the saxaphone, hit record and tried my best, so what you hear on my track is me picking up a saxaphone for the first time. She played while I set the levels, so this is absolutely my first even playing a note. You can hear me talking to leslie in the backround if you lissen very closely.

What I find most amusing about this track are two things: firstly, i like the how i prgresively get a little better at the sax by the end of the song. I also like the fact that i don't have kids dispite the fact that I have a hot wife. This means that either one of us is steryl or we just aren't having sex. That was unintentional, its just where the song went. A friend pointed out that despite the fact I have a hot wife, I sleep with movie stars, which means I cheat on my wife. I had n't noticed this until he pointed it out. But what this means is that is that if i have a hot wife, sleep with movie stars and still have no kids, I must be steryl. I figure that if i lived this life style i wouldn't use birth control, so thats not an option, and its not abortions cause i'm pro-life.

This song origionaly had more music at the end, but i cut it for the album because the song was too long to begin with, but you should here it some time cause i go crazy with the sax. It also had the line "you are my boy now, I am so happy." I'm glad I cut that, cause this song isn't supposed to be about a petophile, just a kidnapper.

This is a song where I just let it take me where it needed to go. The song pretty much wrote itself, and I am proud.

i live the night life
ive got a hot wife

i drive big cars
i sleep with movie stars

i've got an air plane
i'm friends with bruce wayne

i've got good money
i'm pretty funny

i park my big car
out side the school yard

the radios playin
i sit there waitin

i watch your children
"hey kid get in"

i know your madre
i know your padre