Whooping Cough Blues
I just wrote this song when I was 18 i think cause i found it amusing. The fake coughing took its toll on me, as you notice that I hiccup after many coughs. This was not intentional, I couldn't help it. By the time I finnished recording this song, I litteraly almost threw up. I felt horrable. You have to realise that the origional song was twice as long, I edited out half of it for time reasons when putting it on the album. I thought the hiccuping sounded good though so i left it in. It was worth it too, look what one fan wrote:

whoa.. this whooping cough blues thing sounds like
vomitting and it's giving me flashbacks to the last time I wretched and
it came out of my nostrils. drip, drip, drip off the tip of my norwegian

The noise you hear that sounds like its fromn super mario bros. is me playing with tape speed while hitting my bongos. I think it makes it sound sicker for some reason. Some people might have also noticed a tease of the bass line from sexy bowler girl in there.

I recorded this one on the 4 track while my 8 track was getting repaired. Which was great, cause the 4 track afforded much greater tape speed variations.