The Blob

I don't know much about this song, except i wote it when I was in 4th grade, so i was probably 10 or so. I wrote it for the school news paper in which it got published. Our paper was called "Hamilton Happenings," and I still have it. I of course wrote it after the first time I had seen the Blob, and it quickly became a favorite of mine, and so i wrote my own Blob story.
I had totally forgetten about it, till my good friend at the time, Dick, started talking a lot about how cool the theme from that movie was. "Beware Of The Blob," by The Five Blobs. It was actually Burt Bacharach's first major hit. Mine was nothing like it. But Dick's excitement about the Blob re-sparked my own.

I really cheaped out on the music, I'm such an idiot. Other wise It could have been good. I recorded on the 8 track.just a little guitar and Bongos, only a bar or two. Then I sampled the bar and just looped, and recorded it back. Then I recorded a sample of a bout 10 voices of mine going "Pah!," sampled it, and played with the speed and put it through the digitech effects thing I had. Mind you its just an 8 bit sampler. That's the monster noise you hear in the back ground. I then flipped the tape over and put some light backwords reverb on the vocals.
This was the laziest, and by far the most digital track, I've ever recorded. I'd really like to re do this, I think its a good story.
That summer, I p[romptly traded the digitech thing for the green Univox guitar I have. i think this is the onlytrack I used it on.

Word up!!!

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