Urinal, Urinal (My Love Is Astounding)
The Water Song
El Autobus Es Grande
Ice, Ice Baby
Sexy Bowler Girl
The Happy Song
Rock N Rollin With Lance
The Olagist Song (What's Your Olagy?)
Tribute To OJ Simpson
I've Got Everything (But One Thing)
The Blob
The Pancake Song
Whooping Cough Blues
The Crustation Song
I Like To Ejaculate
Magic Fingers
A Word From Dick Clark
Testing The 8-Track
Make Up Your Own Words
Black Hole Song
Do The Blink (And Take Off Your Clothes)
Bruno Brown's Big-Ass Beat
Mrs. Doubtfire Boogie
Kung-Fu Fighting
The Kids Song
The Lets Hear It For Fire Safety Song
Winky-Doo Dinky-Lippy-Loo
Matt's Bithday
Money (That's Not What I Want)
Macaroni, Macaroni
The Aviation Song
Sonnets Set To Music
The Bus Song
Disneyland of My Heart
Lance Romañce's Wiggle
Singin' In The Shower
Holly's Song